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Formula Libre
Liberty Media owns F1. Michael Masi is finally Champion of the World. He chose to let Verstappen race. He also had the choice to let the race finish to the rules of the event. But then Hamilton would have won. All this information was in front of Michael Masi. He looked at the pawns and kings and turned the chess board around. Michael Masi is The Great Race Cancellator. He cancelled the finale race for Mercedes and Hamilton who might as well have parked their car. This was not «Let them race!»
Verstappen should have learned from Silverstone and Monza what happens when you crash your race car into another race car. Silverstone was a true “Let them race” moment.
Verstappen claimed his position by crashing into Hamilton instead of giving way. He claimed his right according to the rules. The same in Monza.
At Interlagos Hamilton was disqualified for a 0,2 mm gap in the Mercedes wing. Why was the driver disqualified instead of a fine of 0,2 Euros for Mercedes, the maker of the car?


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