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Visit Bergen after Zelensky’s speech to the Norwegian Parliament 30th March 2022.

Open Airspace
The Ukrainian flag and Nykirken tower (The New Church).

From While Nykirken was built and rebuilt from ca 1621- 1763, Cossacks were fighting for independence from Polish-Lithuanian rule. The Ukrainian church distanced itself from Polish Roman-Catholic influence adapting a Greek-Orthodox liturgy.

Nykirken was severely damaged in a harbour explosion during World War 2 in 1944. 160 killed, 5000 wounded, 5000 homeless.

The reason for the harbour explosion at

WW1 Sea-mine memorial with a coin slot for charity.
Bergen, Vågen, Fløien
Northstar WW2 seamen’s memorial
Krigsmoderen, War Mother.

4. oktober 1944 152 English planes 193 civilians (61 schoolchildren), plus German soldiers and «Russian» slave workers unnumbered. 152 English planes, U-boat bunker largely intact. Carpet bombing of Laksevåg borough.

The U-boat bunker and Holen primary school.
Rear of the bunker today

Bombeangrepet 29. oktober 1944. 44 dead, 237 Lancaster bombers. Raid failed but one plane dropped its bomb-load over Bergen before crashing.


The Old Theater bombed.å_Engen


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