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New Principalities

In the changing times ahead we need new principalities to relieve democratic society, to make democracies efficient:

The Principality of Westminster and Windsor.
The Principality of St. Petersburg.
The Principality of Hohenzollern.
The Principality of Versailles.
The Principality of Los Angelos.

The Mediality of Disney.
The Mediality of News Corp.
The Mediality of Liberty Media.

Movable Constitution

Movable Constitution
Britain could still save their bacon breakfast. At the speed of Boris, they can appoint Charles as their first President instead of having him as king. Then have Harry as President while the whole of the UK got used to the idea of the USB, the United States of Britain. After Harry; the first election of a new president.
Royalists and Republicans would both nod their heads to Boris, but I would be the brain talking in his ear.

Lewis Hamilton at 17

“The Next Big Thing” Car Magazine, July 2002. His family, Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh of McLaren were crucial in starting his career. At the time of this article he was 17 and drove a Formula Renault at Brands Hatch. Today on March 16th 2019 he holds pole position for the Australian F1 Grand Prix. That is 17 years ago.

Black Book of Humanism

The Penguin Book of Lies gives us “all” known lies in literature from Antiquity to 1990. Some publisher should keep the “Book of Lies” concept on perpetual update. With an index of sources  it should be good. I bought the book as new old stock, unopened and unread. Apart from the yellowing paper all signs of reading are by myself.

Wilko Johnson P6

The old Rover 2000 TC was Arden Green with a Tan interior.

As I was a-Roving, a-motivatin’

Back in town,

I saw a concert poster with

Wilko Johnson’s name and image.

New Musical Express once informed me that:

Back in London 1979 I was at the Hammersmith Palais when Elvis Costello, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the poet John Cooper Clark held a concert there.

So now I got to go to a gig I wanted to go to back then, listening to the Wilko Johnson Band, 1986 in our local music pub. Three of us were discussing Rover clutch bearing symptoms on the way in. Days later I would break the diff-pinion being outdragged by a Honda Goldwing.

Copyright holder Roxette, link to Wikimedia

Otto Vu

Dinosaurs were not the problem. Rust killed the dinosaurs.
Save the Discoverys!

My Land Rover has its own Brexit date on the 31/10 2019. Its MoT runs out on Brexit day. The chassis is rustrotten from the core out. Land Rover kept silent about their built in decay, timed to go off at Brexit Glory.

Pipes and Nodes

Post work-adjustment exhaustion syndrome, I was back in uni-town for a reunion. A friend had access to a flat for sleeping over, but on the desk was a one year old original 1984 MacIntosh and we had permission to try it out, except for one program. They were not called apps then. This was a graphical description of a North Sea oil pipe distribution network and nodes from rig to shore. Our absent host used the program to lay out connections between verses in the Old Testament. That was the earliest info-graphic layer of a hefty database I had somehow seen before; The Bible, one of the early digitized texts. Our host, the theologian, had got the program off an acquaintance in the oil industry. Early software piracy in the name of the Lord!

Mappa Mia

Most maps that explain European history leave out Norway. I can understand an English empire obsessed with its own navel, Greenwich and Westminster, its centre of the empire as the center of the world. Historians, though, I expect more from them.

Norway is the Scandinavian ridge, the division between the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the North Atlantic, it is where the Atlantic Gulf Stream comes to shore. Norway is the way north, to the North East Passage and into the Pacific. From The North Cape and round the Varangr Peninsula we tavelled south to Novgorod and on to Istanbul. Norway is the full eastern coastline of the North Atlantic. We are the base for voyages to the North Pole, Iceland, Greenland and the Americas. We sailed west across the sea to Shetland, Orkneys, Scotland and Ireland. Some of us hailed from those places. Norway was the chosen land for people who left the British Isles, of their own will, or forced to flee.

Our ships sailed all seas when our fleet was the third largest commercial fleet in the world, in war and in peace. We even played in the colonial conquests as in The Antartic, Greenland, Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

This must be the reason why Norway does not appear on important maps of European history.

We are the Magnetic North People.

Typing at the Speed of Thought

#Apple #ipad #ipadpro #ShotoniPhone

This is Apple’s best keyboard ever.

It fires on all letters.

Keys are strapped and superfast.

Desk ergonomics are perfect for arms and shoulders.

Go to to read “At the speed of my soul”.

Hitting two adjacent keys that would have been touched sequentially, but this time my finger hit between the two keys. The first fired a thousandth of a second before the next key. This created a sensation in my brain because nothing had been processed, but the finished two-letter word was on screen where my eyes were. Tell that to the Unshaky app that tries to counteract double typing MacBook Pros. The Apple Folio triumphed again!

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